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    How to get best quality 1080p Full HD video on YouTube

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      This is a guide for Premiere Elements 11 that can be adapted to other versions.


      YouTube currently streams 1080p video by default in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at a maximum bitrate of about

      4 Mbps, up to 30 fps, with AAC audio at 192 Kbps, so use this format to avoid quality loss from conversion.


      The High Definition for YouTube - 1920x1080 preset in PE has the following issues:

      • Settings cannot be tuned.
      • If the upload fails, your effort has been wasted.
      • Video bitrate of 8 Mbps is about 2x YouTube limit, so your video will get converted and lose quality.
      • Audio bitrate of 128 Kbps is less than YouTube maximum of 192 Kbps, again losing quality.


      So it's better to better to create output in PE and then upload to YouTube in your Web broswer of choice.


      In Publish+Share, select Computer, then AVCHD.

      In Presets, select MP4 - H264 1920x1080p 30 (or 24 or 25, depending on your project/source fps).

      Then click Advanced.

      In the Video tab:

      • Change Profile to High.
      • Check Render at Maximum Depth.
      • Change Bitrate Encoding to VBR, 2 Pass (although 1 Pass is usually almost as good).
      • Change Target Bitrate (Mbps) to 4.
      • Change Maximum Bitrate (Mbps) to 16.

      In the Audio tab:

      • Change Bitrate (kbps) to 192.

      Click OK, and in Please name this preset, give it a name like "YouTube max quality (MP4 - H264 1920x1080p 30)".

      Last, click Save to create your YouTube output. Then upload to YouTube in your Web browser of choice.


      Hope that helps!