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    Wondering about the difference between element and symbol drag with draggable

    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I am trying to understand the difference between a symbol and an element with draggable.

      Her is the sample I made: https://www.box.com/s/v2s8ueeqof9litu4zvwm


      • for the element Rectangle, drag works fine. The element drags from where it is.
      • for the box symbol which is originally at left 0 and top 0, no problem
      • for the boxCopy symbol which is placed at left 100 and top 100, on drag, it jumps of that amount.


      I suppose drag gets the original position of the symbol box on the stage and add these numbers to the stage position. I drug the symbol arround and it seems that the stage is translated left and top of the amount of the left and top of the symbol.


      This does not happen with the element Rectangle.


      Obviously there is something I do not understand.