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    showing variables

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all!


      I have a project that checks a variable to see the value to determine what to do next.


      On the main stage, I have the following set in CompositionReady:




      I check this variable on th navigation buttons to determine what page is currently showing and set the "called" symbol to show:


      var current_page = sym.getVariable("current_page");

      if (current_page != "") {

         do something here...

      else {

          do something else here...


      sym.setVariable("current_page", "design_sym");



      How can I "show" the variable content so I can what is being passed in the variable?


      Could I add something like this and would it show in the browser:


      sym.$("status").html("current_page: sym.getSymbol(\"current_page\")");


      Or is there some "trouble shooting" code to display all hte calls or such?