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    Adobe premiere pro Capture not working, capturing as MP3


      So I'm using Premiere pro CS6 to capture video from my Sony-Z1 to my Macbook pro using a firewire cable. http://www.dvuser.co.uk/images/img/sony/nick-way-z1-audio/z1.jpg

      I've captured hundreds of clips recently in 1080i (HDV), but recently the settings changed and whenever I capture for a start:

      When I capture, no logging pop-up comes up which is unusual for me, the file actually shows up as MP3 when usually it converts into an mpeg, the MP3 is un-openable and nothing happens when I change the file extension.

      I have checked numerous fourms and everyone says it's something to do with being HDV or not, but I have recorded in HDV for ages and the settings on Adobe are correct. It's only now that it has gone weird.

      If anyone has any suggestions please say because I really need to export these clips fast.