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    Cannot open Sony ARW files in DNG converter


      Downloaded the latest version of DNG converter to try and convert Sony RAW files, (ext. .ARW) to DNG.  When I select the folder where all the RAW files are, the software says folder is empty....tried an older version of DNG converter, and same thing.....what is wrong???   Camera is Sony A57 and it is on the list as a supported camera....


      Using Windows Vista Home Premium, and I am using DNG as standalone....don't have Photoshop installed...


      Thanks, Bevin B.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will notice that the prompt in the DNG converter is telling you to select the FOLDER, not the files that you want to convert. You will not see the list of files. Simply choose the folder that has your raw images. Then set the rest of the options as you want them and click the convert button. Then you will see a list of the files that are being converted along with their status during the conversion process.

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            bevinbz Level 1

            That is what I was doing, and it would always say "no files selected" by the "select folder" button at the top.  And the convert button grayed out.  However, I figured it out.  Had my Raw files in a sub sub sub folder of Pictures folder.  Moved the whole folder to just a subfolder of Pictures folder and now it seems to be working fine....as I write this it is converting.


            Thanks, Bevinb