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    How to fix Imported video clip in CS6 that is truncated


      Trying to finish up first video project shot with 5D MK11 in 1080p.


      I had to convert all clips to smart objects it seems to adjust highlights.


      I had rendered the project once to 1080P but forgot part of one clip and dragged it into PS.

      It is the exact same size but is not positioned correctly and I lose part of the right edge.

      I thought it would fix itself with rendering it to 1080P as the image and canvas size are identical and  from the same shoot--but it didn't.

      I hit "fit in screen" or actual pixels but not sure that matters.


      Short of starting over, I am stumped.  Any suggestions?




      Oh, here is a partial screen shot, if it helps.  I hope I don't have to import them at the same time--out of time for a few weeks.


      http://www.olyendomike.com/Other/trouble-shoot/29895111_DFpTfD#!i=2565019079&k=dnt5W89&lb= 1&s=L

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          usher999 Level 1

          Sorry to bother this august group.  Seems I didn't check to see the clip was alligned when I dragged it in.  All the others didn't require anything and I am not experienced with videos in CS6,

          spaced that issue.  Thanks for taking a look.  Next one should be easier.  Converting the clips to smart objects enabled to use filters, shadows/Hi, but was worried with working in 8 bit files.

          Perhaps may try Magic lantern but may need a couple new HDD.