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    Can anyone stabilize this video that has some minor, key camera jumps?


      I have around fifteen seconds of video that forms a flashback in my short.  Unfortunately, the recording suffered from some tiny bouncing in our floorboards which we couldn't pick up on the monitor.


      I've tried the standard warp stabilizer in Premiere CS6 and even the motion tracking using points in After Effects, but either my skills aren't up to it or there just aren't enough points in the footage to track.


      The closest I can get is separating the footage into three sections, correcting them individually and then trying to realign them using scale and position - but given that it's a fixed frame and is being shown on a large screen, even the tiniest of remaining movements are visible.  It looks fixed in the preview screen but shows up on the HD export.  Is anyone able to shed some light on this one?


      This is the take that would be ideal to correct:




      Or failing that, there's this one:




      There's a second or two of shake at the very beginning and end, but that can be completely jetissoned.  The audio featured in these clips also won't be used, as'll be obvious when you see it.


      If anyone can suggest where I can cut this and what settings I can use on the warp stabilizer to get this perfect, I'll be forever in your debt.


      Thanks to you all as always and have a great night,