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    movie inside of a loaded external movie




      how to control a mc inside a loaded external movie?


      so I have a main.swf, loaded a ex.swf into it by using loadMovie, and inside ex.swf there is a mc called 'mc'


      how do I control 'mc' from main.swf? I tried something like newLoader.mc._x +=1;  ( newLoader is ex.swf), it doesn't work?


      Thanks for reply.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Show the code you use for loading ex.swf and explain how it acquires the identity of newLoader.


          If I create an empty movieclip in the main file and assign it an instance name of "newLoader"... if I load ex.swf into that empty movieclip I am able to target it by that instance name and move the mc within it.

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            teeronline Level 1

            Hi Ned


            after I read your reply, i went on make a new sample file just to try it out, and it work, then I went back to my file and found out on these code


            var currentObject = new Object;

            currentObject = newLoader.newLoader2.newLoader3;

            var currentObjectColor = new Object;

            currentObjectColor = currentObject;  


            and then I have


            var my_color:Color = new Color(currentObjectColor.mc);

                trace (allowColor);




            for some reason, after I replace currentObjectColor to just currentObject, it work just fine, I don't know if the problem is from putting one object equal another one, but as far as I need this would work for me.


            thanks a lot.