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    cs6 PPRO time warp very frustrating...any advice please?

    tfi productions 44 Level 1

      hello,  i got cs6 PPRO time warp turned on from the debug menu...all's good there....


      however, trying to slow down a 4 second baseball hit to 20%

      i've tried rendering effects in work area like 5 times and no success


      win 7 8gb of ram, avchd footage, 2.8ghz dual core, 7200rpm drives (4x)


      i trim the original 4 sec clip to the ins and outs like i want...

      i apply time warp

      i start to drag the out to view the slowed down footage of the baseball swing/hit/run

      and then the baseball player stops no matter how far i stretch the clip out...


      when i render effects in work area, the last 4 seconds of the 20% clip stop

      and i'm left with a static shot...


      i hope this is enough info, thanks in advance, j