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    Flash as2 cross domain issue to access the swf file from another server

    Arun Veerasamy

      I have cross domain issue, How can I access the .swf file from another swf without using System.Security.allowdomain() in the swf which we are called.


      I'm using 2 domains and I have 2 swf files one is from a.com(a.swf) and another one is from b.com(b.swf) I want to access the frames of the b.swf file from the a.swf, If I'm using the System.Security.allowdomain() in the b.swf file I can access the frames. But without using this How can I access the file from another domain.


      Because I have a risk to change the b.swf file so I vant to access without changing the b.swf file Is any other wey to access the frames of b.swf file from a.swf file. Please someone help me to solve this issue.