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    Is CS6 capable of 'Data Mapping' from an excel based database?


      I have CS6 and want to know if it is capable of data mapping from an excel based database.


      Basically i am using inDesign to create new Organisational Charts for my company. i have 23 seperate documents created, all of which conatin; 1 image box and 2 text boxes per each employee in that particular department.


      I want each document from inDesign to point at the database and pull in the correct details to each box within that document.


      I am aware of the 'place' feature but all this does is allow to you to select a range of cells and dump that in the document randomly.


      i have tried ringing adobe and they ponted me to here.


      I am a man on the edge with this... someone please help. Even if its to say 'NO' inDesign does not support this feature.


      Thanks in advance, Danny.