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    Live streaminng not working from Adobe 3.1 Encoder to iOS devices


      We are trying to live stream from Adobe 3.1 encoder(on PC ) to live stream on IOS devices, by broadcasting the stream to Adobe Media Server 5 Professional.However though we succeeded in streaming live to PC, it is not working on IOS devices.Only when we uncheck the Audio option from Encoder, we are able to Live stream to IoS devices, which will be only the video without any audio.When we we have audio option checked as well, it works for PC, but for Iphones/Ipads it flickers once and then gives a error message " Cannot Decode".The current settings on encoder  is as below



      The current process is to use the default HDS links(as per the stream URL) for the PC, and the HLS links for IOS.Any guidance how to get the audio working here on IOS devices will be of great help.


      Note:Online most of the places use AAC format for audio on encoder, is that the only one which can work for IOS devices?