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    Faster way of scaling/rotating/alpha of movieclips?

      Hi all,

      I have been working on a Public Display for a project, and am running into problems in terms of the speed of the animation involved. It appears that when scaling/rotating/changing alpha of the movieclips, the process grinds badly.

      Basically I have a heap of little notice objects (which are subclassed off movieclip), all of which animate to their new position when a button is clicked. The grind happens when they all animate involving rescaling/rotating/alpha (which I think is because it cant cache as a bitmap while doing this).

      I am just setting the x,y,rotate,width,alpha and height values of the movieclips on a timer. Is there a way in Flash to speed this up? Or a more optimized way of doing this?


      ps. here is a screenshot for reference

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          i'm not sure what's supposed to be revealed by that screenshot, but how you loop won't have much impact on flash player perfomance. if you have enough movieclips and are changing enough of those properties, you're swf will stutter.

          those movieclips can have their cacheAsBitmap properties enabled, but this will adversely impact performance with movieclips that are scaling, undergoing alpha changes or rotating. it would be beneficial to movieclips that were undergoing x,y changes.