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    Question limit to quizes?

    kornieme Level 1

      I am making a quiz that in total has 50 questions. However, I cannot add anymore questions to what I currently have which is 29 otherwise I get a error alert and it does not save the questions I have entered and from the questions it did save it has removed some of the answers to select from and I cannot edit those questions. They appear fine in quiz management but when you look at the slide itself it does not show all the answers or it shows one answer twice when it is not in there twice. I am at a loss on what to do, I have even created the quiz in its own pptx and the same thing happens.



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          Can you please mention which version of Presenter are you using and Windows/Ppt version and whether it is 32/64?

          Is this issue particular to a project?

          Can you please try importing the quiz to another pptx and check whether the issue is reproducible?

          Did you copied and pasted the questions from other projects in that project?




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            kornieme Level 1

            Presenter 8/Office 2010 32bit. I have a pdf I am using in order to copy and paste into the blanks. I have even attempted to use question groups in order to trick presenter into working with more questions but that too is not working. I have taken the quiz and made it a stand alone from the presentation both locations are getting the same error after more than 30 questions. This is the first one I have had that uses this number of questions. I have T/F, Matching and Multiple Choice questions.

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              Vikram@Adobe Level 1



              Copy/paste of question slides is known to create issues in Presenter and is not recommended.  If you want to reuse questions from earlier projects, please use import quiz option.  






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                kornieme Level 1

                I guess I am lucky we had an older quiz which I was able to import and adjust the style. I don't understand why copy and paste would not work! Only Adobe. I have a feeling even if I took the time to type it all in I would have the same issue. I would suggest you guys have someone look into that since copy and paste scenarios are common.

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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  One of the biggest issues that can come from the copy/paste workflow when creating questions is that the Interaction ID for each copied question is identical, so, when reporting the answer, the server receiving the data will see multiple responses to the same question. This will result in... well... bad reporting, where the data is confused.


                  Using the importing function addresses this need in a way that eliminates the problems of copy/paste. Keep in mind that you are working with an Adobe application within a Microsoft application, so there are limitations on what Presenter can and can't do.