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    EPub Export Pubs -- List 'em here....

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      How about starting a thread listing ePub export bugs all in one place,

      so they're easy to find?


      I'm exporting out of CS6 ME, Windows 7. Here's 2:


      1. If your InDesign document has footnotes, and you've set your document

      footnote options to include a suffix, InDesign's ePub export adds the

      suffix after the footnote reference in the text, instead of after the

      footnote reference in the footnote.


      Example: You've told InDesign to add a "." (period) as a suffix, so that

      all your footnotes should begin: 1. blah 2. blah. But the footnote

      indicators in the document obviously don't need that suffix -- it's only

      for the start of footnotes themselves. But in the ePub export, this is

      switched. So all the footnote indicators in the text have a period after

      them, but in the ePub footnotes there is no period.


      2. In InDesign, if you create a paragraph style based on some text, and,

      while creating it, you tick on Split Document (ePub Only) -- that

      setting isn't remembered. You have to first create the paragraph style,

      then click ok, then edit the paragraph style and check the Split

      Document checkbox. Only then is the setting remembered.