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    duplicatemovieclip menu

    Starlover_jacob Level 1
      hi there,

      i created a menu by duplicating a movieclip and place them under each other.
      my question is how do i know witch button is clicked.
      so i can redirect to another scene by calling gotoandplay(scene_biografie,1);
      or call a function that lets a movieclip scroll into my stage.

      ow yeah and another question not about actionscript but about this forum. How do you get your code inside of a block with a scrollbar? something like [ code ]mycode[ /code ]?

      my code:
      function createhomebuttons()

      var buttonames = new Array();
      buttonames[0] = "Fotografie";
      buttonames[1] = "Biografie";
      var totalitems=buttonames.length;
      for(i=0; i<totalitems; i++)
      duplicateMovieClip(mf_instance.btn2,"button"+i, mf_instance.getNextHighestDepth());
      mf_instance["button"+i]._x = mf_instance.btn2._x;
      mf_instance["button"+i]._y =((mf_instance.btn2._height+3)*i) + (mf_instance.btn2._y + mf_instance.btn2._height+10);
      mf_instance["button"+i].btntxt.text = buttonames ;
      mf_instance["button"+i].onRelease = function()
      trace("button clicked but witch one? and how do i specify an action for each button");
      greetz, jacob