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    Stuttered playback then error


      Windows 7 x64 SP1

      Flash v11.7.700.202

      IE9 & 10


      When playing a video on youtube, I get 1-2 seconds of the video to play then it stutters a bit, restarts the video and plays for a half second then the playback video goes to the black fuzz screen stating, "An error occurred, please try again later". Things I have tried:

      1. Uninstalled/reinstalled Flash multiple times and have even tried out one of the beta versions.

      2. Cleared temp files and cookies to no avail.

      3. Reset IE back to defaults and upgraded IE to v10 without differing results.

      4. Manually removing Flash reg entries (Receive errors that they cannot be deleted even though I have changed permissions and ownership)

      5. Clearing Flash's temp files/licenses.

      6. Created a new Windows user profile.

      6. Updated to latest video drivers.

      7. Enabled/Disabled hardware acceleration.


      I am at a complete loss as to what is causing the issue.  Flash videos play perfectly fine in Chrome.  Please help!

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          I also am having the same issue, it only occurs in Internet Explorer and I have also tried all the above solutions.  When all of those failed I did a complete reinstall of windows, and after updating my windows 7 enterprise 64-bit, I installed Flash, Shockwave, Silverlight, Java and Quicktime.  Tried to play a youtube video and the problem still existed.  I have seen the issue on 3 different models of PC's I work with on a regular basis, all running windows 7 enterprise 64-bit.   I have also tried rolling back all the way to IE8, and verified activex filtering was off and the problem still existed.