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    How to export HD 1080x1920, h264, without getting 500mb files?

    HarryBT Level 1

      hello everybody,

      i am on premiere pro cs 5, mac osx.
      i have recorded material with my hd camera (gopro hero3 black) in 1080 25fps.
      after editing it in pp, i wanted to export the work (film is about 2 min long).
      i want to export it in 1920x 1080 in h.264 format. i heard, thats he way to go..

      when in export settings in pr pro, i choose:

      format: h.264
      preset: HDTV 1080p 25 high quality.
      audio format/codec: aac

      the summary tells me,
      output will be 1920x1080,
      estimated file size 532 mb!
      that is too big for a 2 min film!

      what settings do i need to choose to export in 1920x1080 hd
      and still get the desired hd-look
      AND reasonable file size, f.e. for youtube or other web platforms ?

      *** i downloaded several "similar" films from youtube and other sources to compare,
      they have somehing like:


      size: 1920x1080
      codecs: AAC, H.264
      2 channels
      bitrate: 2.650
      film lengh: 04:12 min

      size: 80mb


      i thought about maybe lowering the bit rate would be the solution, but i cannot find an option to do so.. (and it is just a guess..)

      the next "lower quality" / smaller preset would be


      format: h.264

      preset: HDTV 720p 25 high quality.
      estimated file size 102mb ...


      ... which is still much bigger than the downloaded  example -  but  therefore only in 720p...

      i have gone through all available presets in my pp cs5,
      none of them fits what i believe needs to be chosen
      to get 1920x1080 hd quality with reasonable file size..



      what am i doing wrong??
      helpful answers are very appreciated...!


      thank you, community,