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    Canon XF Import Causes Premiere CS6 to Crash.  Help!

    SB Cook

      I purchased a Canon XF300 to work specifically with Premiere CS6 as Adobe claims native support for MXF files. 


      Unfortunately, whenever I import footage from the XF300 into Premiere, it causes Premiere to crash.


      This happens no matter what method I use to import the files... using XF Ultility, using Prelude, clicking on import in the Premiere CS6 media browser, opening the files in the media browser and dragging and dropping into a bin.  It doesn't matter.  The crash still happens.


      This is not an issue with spanned clips as it happens even without spanned clips.


      After importing the clips into a bin, the bin has trouble drawing thumbnails for all the clips, usually but not always the ones not initially visible in the bin window.  The thumbnails don't appear, just gray boxes.  Scrolling down and clicking on the gray boxes, even after waiting several minutes for the system to "catch up," causes a crash.


      This is a repeatable problem that *only* happens when using Canon MXF footage.  Every other codec I've tried works just fine.  The Canon footage never works.


      I am on a Mid-2012 Mac Pro 2x 3.06 GHz 6-Core Inten Xeon computer running 64GB of Ram on OSX 10.8.3, using Premiere 6.0.2 Creative Cloud.  I use a Matrox MX02 for I/O and a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 with CUDA Driver 5.0.59.


      I've troubleshot this problem to death, stripping everything from the machine down to its original factory state (no extra RAM, no NVIDIA card, no Matrox I/O etc.) and the system still crashes every single time I try to import the MXF footage, no matter what method I use.  The only workaround is to transcode to ProRes and that's not acceptable.


      Am I the only one having this issue?  Is there something glaringly obvious I'm overlooking?  Thanks in advance for any assistance or perspective.  I am growing increasingly frustrated as I feel Adobe has a software problem here they're not addressing.