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    3D Max export into Director


      I need to export a 3D animation from 3D Studio Max and import it into Director to add interactivity etc.

      What plug-in do I need? I placed the 'w3d exporter' plug-in into the 3D Studio Max folder but then now when I open 3D Max, it comes up with errors.

      I'm using 3D Max 8.

      I hope to hear from you soon!

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          Ntype Level 1
          The Service Packs include the exporter...

          If you want character animations this could be good to know?
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            As Ntype mentioned, Max 8 should have a Shockwave 3D export without the need for
            you to add and new file. If you have Max 9, the install version did not come with
            the w3d exporter but can be downloaded from the Autodesk site. This file needs to
            be placed in the 'plugins' folder in the Max 9 setup.

            What are the errors you're seeing when you open Max ? It may be because there are
            duplicate versions of the plugin. I'd suggest you delete the file you added. Open
            Max, try export a model and see if the Shockwave 3D option comes up. If it doesn't,
            close Max, put the w3d exporter into the plugins folder and try again. However, if
            you're at this stage, I don't know if it will work either. I'm not sure where you
            got the Max 8 exporter. If you downloaded a new one from Autodesk, it may be the
            Max 9 one.


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              inspired78 Level 1
              The error that came up with 3D Max was something like this: "failed to initialise. Cannot file the module 'Max2w3d.dle'." So i deleted that file and put in the w3d exporter file instead, now it works!!!

              I'm guessin this is the correct way to do it and NO MORE ERRORS will pop up later on??!! lol. Well i hope!

              Thank you 4 ur help!! Much appreciated...