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    Red Eye Correction Bug Since Recent Update


      I just came across what seems to be a bug in Camera Raw (64-bit).  My system is CS6, Windows Vista 64-bit.


      I had been working on some images before the update.  I installed the update, and opened Bridge to continue working.  Interestingly, it started regenerating the preview files, which was unexpected.  I rebooted the system as well.


      Anyway, I went to one bird image, and the only re-adjustment I made in Camera Raw was darking the pupil in the Red Eye tab (E).  This shows within Camera Raw, but when I clicked Done, the change was apparently ignored.  The cache file didn't change, the new preview wasn't regenerated as it usually is, etc.  It was as if I hadn't done anything.


      So I reopened it, did a slight adjustment in Crop, clicked Done, and a new preview was generated, the cache file was updated, as expected.


      I then reopened it, did another slight adjustment in Crop, then also made the Red Eye adjustment, and clicked Done.  The image changed, the cache file and preview image were updated for both the crop and the Red Eye adjustment.


      I haven't done any more digging to see if there are any other isolated adjustments that might act this way, but wouldn't be surprised if there were.


      As far as I can see, this is a new bug in Camera Raw, as I could previously make such adjustments without this problem.