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    Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool

    folsombobb Level 1

      Windows 7

      I already have the Creative Suite for CS5

      I have recently purchased the license for and downloaded some programs with Creative Cloud


      Question about the article at http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html


      The first paragraph states:

      "The Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool helps resolve installation problems for Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite 5 - 5.5, Adobe Creative Suite 4, and Adobe Creative Suite 3 software."


      Item 7, near the bottom states:

      "Now you can proceed with your installation of the desired shipped version of the Creative Suite"


      My question should be obvious:


      Which is it?


      Does the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool apply to Adobe Creative Cloud or to the shipped version or to all listed in the first paragraph?


      This is another example of why SO MANY OF US are so frustrated by your support.


      Please answer the question without a link to another article with contraditions or, for that matter, any article.


      It's a simple question.


      I am spending MANY hours trying to correct YOUR error, which leads to Creative Cloud install failures. And, yes, I have gone to the forums, to the community, and have replied, and continue to read support's circuituous excuses and misdirected answers.


      Thank you.