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    Editing Tools are unavailable


      I have downloaded two individual Creative Cloud subscriptions. The are running on identical computers (Dell M4700), the same operating system (Windows 7) and the same company network.


      On one of the computers, InDesign is working perfectly. All of the tools are available and files can be imported, created, edited, etc. with no issues. It also has imported all pre-existing style sheets with no problems at all.


      However, on the other computer, none of the editing tools are working. Many of the tools are grayed out, while others, such as the font window for editing text, are clickable but I cannot select any of the options.


      Is there a way to uninstall and re-install InDesign from the Cloud? Or is this a problem with preferences? The software is pretty much useless in its current state (on the one computer only).


      All other programs downloaded from the Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere) are working fine on both computers.