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    FindChangeByList Applescript, only runs first query

    StudioRAZ Level 1

      Good afternoon, all! Standard disclosures: IDCS5.5, macOSX


      To clean up standard imported text (from a CSV file if anyone needs to know), I've been trying to get the FindChangeByList.applescript to run but it only runs the first query out of 25 (from the FindChangeList.txt). I've tried switching the order of each query and no matter which one is at the top, that's the one it runs, then stops altogether. I don't believe it's anything in the query text file itself, which I've uploaded to pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/kizGQQJq  


      My thinking is this, that it's either:


      1) I edited the text file in the mac's standard TextEdit. It's plain text, and perhaps the script isn't recognizing the end of line carriage return break? I don't have a script editor like BBEdit.


      2) All of the copy I'm trying to clean up is in hundreds of individual single-cell tables, each within it's own story frame. Perhaps the script doesn't recognize each table as a story (though Standard Find/Change does beautifully on it's own, tables or not)?


      If anyone has any ideas, I gladly welcome them. I've been trying to get the .jsx version of FindChangeByList to work as well, but keep running into errors (Error Number: 25).


      Thank you!