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    Place vignette in a second video


      My System (the pertinent bits) AsusTek Striker Extreme MOBO, 8GB DDR2 RAM, Pentium Core Quad 2.4GHz, Radian X1550 Display Adaptor, Windows 7 64bit. Premiere Pro CS5.5. 


      I have two independently shot videos from a show I wrote.  The two sequences are as follows:


      Sequence 1 shows the entire stage - band, dancers, vocalist.  However, there are two of the dancers that are partially cut in this video off until about 30 seconds into the video.  For this reason, I took a snapshot at 30 seconds, and replaced the video prior to it with the snapshot.  At 30 seconds, the video resumes.  Also, toward the top center of this video, there is a free, nearly black area (back scrim above the band).  I wish to put a vignette from Sequence 2 in this location.


      Sequence 2 also show the entire stage, but gives a consistently good view of the two dancers I'm interested in showing as a vignette in Sequence 1.  I have selected a time range that is synchronized with Sequence 1.  In Sequence 2, I have animated the motion effect's anchor point to follow that particular pair of dancers so that they are always centered on the video screen.  I wish the vignette to be a circle centered on the dancers and feathered so as to blend in with Sequence 1.


      I want to put Sequence 2 into Sequence 1 as a vignette so that only the part inside the circle (and the feathered edges) shows atop Sequence 1.


      I have tried both black video and transparent video.  Using black video, I have been able to create a vignette (I add a circle effect to it) of Sequence 1.  But I have not been able to get it to display atop Sequence 2 the way I want.


      So, my questions are:

      1. What are the layers and their Z-order?
      2. What specific settings and effects do I need in each of the layers?
      3. Do I need Sequence 1 to be vignetted apart from Sequence 2, or done somehow after importing the video is imported into Sequence 2?



      Thanks for any help.


      Ted David

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select all the clips in sequence 2 and nest into 1 nested sequence. Add the circle effect to that nest.

          Now drag sequence 2 from the Project Panel and drop it on top of the clips in sequence 1.


          vignette in track two.png


          vignette in track two 1.png

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            TedDavid Level 1



            I think I have tried what you suggested, but it did not work.  Let me reiterate what I think you were saying.  Your sequence 2 is the one with the vortex.  It is equivalent to my Sequence 1, that doesn't show the dancers until 30 secs.  To create a circle, I first added a black video on top of that video, inverted it, feathered the edghes, and set the color to black.  This is how I originally created the vignette of the dancers that I wanted to show.


            Then I simply added the vignetted sequence (the dancers, but without the vignette) to the layer above sequence 1 and the black video with the circle.

            Didn't work.


            Ted David

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Do I understand your question correct? Does screendump 2 show what you want to accomplish? Of so...

              Black video does not work, you need to nest.

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                TedDavid Level 1



                I had to try several times before I got it right.


                Thank you very much.  It will make the promo vidoe I've been working on much more appealing.


                Ted David