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    Flash To HTML5

    Giorgi Siprashvili

      Can adobe flash CS6 export Project to HTML5?



      Giorgi Siphrashvili

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          adrianTNT Level 1

          I haven't tested the latest version but I doubt something like this is possible, Flash and HTML5 are different things.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant
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              teamperform Level 1

              Just read through the link.  Thanks for posting it.  I have used Flash as my major eLearning tool for several years now (since Flash 5).  One question:  Will it allow you to convert all the interactivity that one typically needs for eLearning via ActionScript to javaScript, or do you have to rewrite all of it in JS?  And does it work equally with with AS2 and AS3?

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                robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                I have no idea. The createJS tool is downloadable for free for Flash CS6 and comes with Flash CC. You'll have to try it for yourself. Your file may translate very well or you may have to do a lot of work to get the html version to run.

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                  You can.  It's just a bit annoying.  See my nearby rant, which has a few things to watch out for, and a few work-arounds...




                  Lots of mines in a FLA file that was 'already made'.  You can make anything work, but it will cost you your sanity. 


                  This describes every HTML5 project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU2y6ztlMAQ

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                    pingnak Level 1

                    AS2 will look a bit more 'foreign' than the AS3 code, if you're just porting it straight across.  The CreateJS libraries look a little more like the AS3 classes, but are very different to either AS2 or AS3.


                    AS3 can almost, sort-of work, if you strip all of the type safety off, and translate the classes. 


                    If it was all just 'stop' and 'gotoAndPlay' kinds of junk in the frames, you actually get off lucky; you can write the AS code, then write the JS code in the same boxes.  It's still awful, but it's less awful than doing bigger projects.


                    import flash.media.*


                    /* js

                    var anim_main=this;



                    anim_main.bNext.onClick= continue_prank;

                    anim_main.bPlayAgain.onClick= continue_prank;

                    function continue_prank(e)






                    var title_loop:SoundChannel = (new Title_Music()).play(0,1001);


                    bNext.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, continue_prank );

                    bPlayAgain.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, continue_prank );

                    function continue_prank(e:Event):void






                    But either way, it's the identical task of taking things that are made to work with Flash, and 'fix them' for the CreateJS libraries.

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                      pingnak Level 1

                      Oh, and NO, it absolutely won't be 'write once, run everywhere'. 


                      It will be 'write once', then discover how it's broken in endless, subtle ways on each and every browser, and if you're truly unfortunate, someone will be whinging at you about 'old' browsers, like IE9, and even IE8.  Yes, it's truly possible you'll hear about something not working in IE8 from whatever you have for 'QA'.  Then the bugs about 'iOS' and sounds will start coming in.  Oh, you unfortunate people.

                      People hawking HTML5 tools at you will claim it's 'all platforms', but it's a miserable, endless mess.  I'd welcome you to hell, but really, hell would be an upgrade, compared to working with 'web standards'.

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                        teamperform Level 1

                        Very funny.  Thanks for the humor in the midst of this chaos, I needed it.