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    Flash XML Question

      Ok... this is probably pretty simple for someone familiar with Flash and XML.

      Here is the code (it's a video player that loads the movies into a list box based on XML file.) Everything works great.
      I have a one node XML file that drives the list. I want to add another dynamic text box in the same frame of my movie that will display an "info" attribute that I will add to the XML file. Here is the XML and the AS right behind.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
      <video url="montys-intro.flv" desc="Monty's Pizza" />
      <video url="aldrich.flv" desc="Aldrich Rug Interiors" />
      <video url="fastpitch.flv" desc="FastPitch Networking" />
      <video url="ophelias.flv" desc="Ophelias Restaurant" />
      <video url="mv_add.flv" desc="MediaVision Solutions" />
      <video url="bricker.flv" desc="Pet Care - Ron Bricker" info="this is the data I want to show up in a dynamic text box"/>