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    Desaturated, too bright footage after rendering

    Peter my name

      Hey everyone!


      I'm having some trouble with rendering out my footage(s).

      They become desaturated (color loss) and bright for some reason.

      I tried different render methods, codecs, formats...almost same result on each of them.

      Here is a picture, it can explain better:

      The original footage is much darker, and may lack of some detail, but it more colorful.
      Also, the color loss/brightening is only visible on the rendered movie (doesn't matter which codec or video player I use) - usually I use h264.

      I do short animations as well, in AE. If I trie to render it out in AE, I get the same result.
      First time, I noticed this problem, I rendered out a 40 min footage, and something was off. I couldn't fix this issue, and for some reason, I checked some old footage. They ahd the same problem, but I did not notice it before (see below - picture).


      I'm using Adobe CS6, Windows 7 64bit.


      Thanks in advance!