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    Can not run Flex sample.war  on jboss4 or weblogic 9.x

      Hello , I'm trying to run FLEX data services samples inside jboss or weblogic app server and below lines are the last lines I have after application startup :
      11:21:52,562 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/samples, warUrl=.../deploy/samples.war/
      11:21:53,078 INFO [STDOUT] 10/14 11:21:53 INFO Loading configuration file E:\jboss421\server\default\deploy\samples.war\WEB-INF\flex\flex-webtier-config.xml
      11:21:53,234 INFO [STDOUT] 10/14 11:21:53 INFO Loading configuration file E:\jboss421\server\default\deploy\samples.war\WEB-INF\flex\flex-config.xml
      freeze point....
      do I miss some required parameter config. or jarfiles ? I folowed instructions on jboss about coping some jars and contex.xml under web-inf

      please help, thanks in advance.