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    Full-text search in published project finding zero results for multiple-word entries

    Alberti Level 1

      [RH10, IE10, Windows 7]


      I manage a large WebHelp project that has produced correct search results in the past. At some point the search function stopped finding results for entries of more than one word. For example, it won't find any results for "project plan" even though searching for either "project" or "plan" separately will correctly return results including the numerous pages containing either "plan project" or "project plan".


      TCS support is having a look at the files. So far we have found that this occurs under Google Chrome as well as IE 10, and also that the same error occurs if we publish to FlashHelp.


      BTW, I have another similarly configured project that does not display this error.


      I was hoping someone might have encountered this and can suggest a fix.