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    Issue with pictures changing from light to dark


      This is hard to explain,


      I finish editing my pictures, save as PSD and a 2nd as jpeg.

      i view the picture in windows live gallery (windows 7 64bit) and it has changed to a dark deep contrast.

      I open the jpeg or the PSD file and they both appear as i originally saved them until I select/ click on it. and i get the darker deep contrasted image.


      I have tried to have Photoshop elements 9, in preferences set to windows color and I tried it at Adobe no difference.

      Jpegs are saved as sRGB but it is affecting all images, fine while editing but when saved and reviewed it changes and when opened i get to different contrasting views of the same image when selected. This is really anoying me as you think your done and it looks completely different when you review it. HELP!!

      please keep your helpful comments to a basic understandable level.