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    xml file - how to ignore space

    Nick201 Level 1
      I am creating xml file.But when I create as .xml file it is showing me lots of space between element. How can i remove the space. Let say if i have query it will count as a space.

      i want to remove this space


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          Showing a small snippet of code would probably help with this question.
          Assuming one is using CFML to build the XML data, there are quite a
          few whitespace management tools built into ColdFusion these days. Some
          you may want to investigate are:

          <cfprocessingdirective suppresswhitespace="yes">

          <cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="yes">


          And the CF administration settings concerning whitespace.

          As well as just building your code to minimize white space.

          They all have slightly different caveats and use cases.

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            ToBeNamedLater Level 1
            Some combination of
            <cfsetting enableCFoutputOnly = "yes|no"
            <cfprocessingdirective suppressWhiteSpace = "yes|no"

            should get you there