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    How do I export two diferent Tocs to epub?

    it's a sunny day in spain

      I have been reseraching trhough the forum some answers for the issue I have but could't find anything suitable for my case. I am converting a book of Plants to epub. The layout that I was given was  the print version of the book, I am using Indesign 5.5 to convert to the book to epub. To test the results I am using Calibre and a Kindle.


      I haven been styling the texts and images and everything is fine except for the table of contents. The author, needs a content page with all the main chapters (h1 headings) and  an index at the end of the book with all the names of the plants: these has two titles one in eglish follwed by the latin version (h2 -english and h3-latin).


      I have created two diferent styles of toc, one with only the chapter headings, would be the table of contents at the begining and the second style is for the index of plants: with h2 and h3 headings (i ticked the alphabetical order button in both to have the index properly alphabetised).


      I have two issues: the first is when I try to place each toc at the begining and at the end of the book. On page it looks alright, but when I export to epub, I can only choose in the export panel, one single toc. The resulting epub has the same table at the begining and at the end. I tried various times changing the position of the tables, the exporting settings, but I never managed to have two diferent tables on the same epub.


      The second issue is when I had expoorted one of these trials using the style 2 for the index, I get an epub again with the two same tocs, the index is in alphabetical order but instead of ordering all the plants from a to z it does order them in "pairs" as they appear on the texts (first english plant title, sencond the latin equivalent). How can i do so that this index order alphabetically all the h2 and h3? I need all the a, b, c, ... indendently of their position in page.


      Hope the above makes sense.


      Thanks in advance.