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    Robohelp hangs when I try to add baggage files to projects

    C Kerr

      I have two RoboHelp projects using source control (Visual Studio/Team Foundation Server) in Robohelp HTML version 8. Both service packs are installed.


      When I right click the Baggage Files folder and select 'Add to baggage files' the program hangs, and I have to crash out of it. This started happening in both projects at the same time, possibly as a result of me adding image files to the baggage files folder. I've reverted to the project as it was before I made these changes, but the problem persists.


      I've started a new test project, not connected to version control, and Robohelp hangs in exactly the same way when I try to


      Is there anything you could recommend? I'd be extremely grateful for any ideas. I searched the forum and couldn't find any references to anything like this issue.


      Would you recommend resintalling Robohelp, for instance?


      Many thanks.