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    Premiere Elements 11 - preview screen white


      Hi, I recently downloaded the new PRE 11 but each time I've added a file to the timeline and tried to watch it through the preview screen I get the audio fine but the preview screen itself is white. If I click on the preview screen I can see the video but the video stops immediately.

      I've had a search of the web and of this forum for similar issues and tried:

      - updating my graphics drivers

      - updating PRE 11

      - deleting Baddrivers file

      - I have the current versions of Windows Media Player & Quicktime


      But had no success so far. I haven't tried hooking my camera up and adding the files direct from the camera yet but have tried adding other files already on my hard drive that are from the same camera along with various different file types also from my hard drive. My incredibly limited knowledge on these things would lead me to think its some kind of display/graphics problem but not at all sure.

      If anyone has any suggestions or can help in any way I'd be very appreciative!


      Not sure what kind of details you incredibly clever people need but heres some basics:



      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz

      4gb RAM

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000 (with latest driver

      440Gb Hard drive with 202Gb free

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          Have you ensured that you have the latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What are the properties of your source media (what is the brand and model of the camera and the camera settings)? Also, what is the file extension?

            What is your project preset set by the program automatically or by you manually?


            When you talk about "Preview Screen" are you referring to the Monitor in the Edit Mode of the project and/or the Preview Window with its Set In and Set Out points that you get by double clicking the video on the Timeline Expert view?


            If you right click the Edit Mode Monitor and select Playback Settings, do those settings look like those seen in the following screenshot?


            PE11 Playback Settings.JPG

            Let us start here and then decide what next.





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              Headingley1895 Level 1

              Thanks for the reply Steve,


              My camcorder is a Panasonic HDC-SD60

              Its 1920x1080 resolution in AVCHD file format, I believe the file extensions are .m2ts


              I've tried changing the settings under new project to those settings with no luck, but have also tried adding from the hard drive:

              A .wmv file - 720x480

              A .avi file - 720x576

              and a .mpg file - 720x480

              All with no success.


              Yep I've got the latest version of Quicktime, re-downloaded today from the Apple website to make sure.

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                Headingley1895 Level 1

                Thanks for the reply ATR


                As in my reply to Steve above, its a Panasonic HDC-SD60

                AVCHD file format - file extension .m2ts



                I've tried matching the settings on the 'New Project' box but to no avail.


                It happens in both the Monitor and the smaller preview window with the Set In and Set Out points. When playing back I can hear the audio perfectly fine but no video, just the standard white background. Whilst playing back, if I click in the monitor then the playback immediately stops and I can then see a still (as the playback has stopped) of the video and can edit it with the 'Adjustments' or 'Applied Effects' options on the right hand side. But as soon as I press play again, or indeed click off the monitor, it goes back to white.

                I have just noticed that I can "see" the video in the monitor in very slow motion by clicking the 'step forward' button next to the play button. But pressing play again causes it to go back to white again.


                Re your kind screenshot -  yes thats exactly what my settings are.


                Many thanks for your time

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  With regard to your video card driver...please confirm that you have been to the Intel web site and found the latest driver

                  For: Intel HD Graphics 2000, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

                  Is dated 3/21/2013 with the version given as

                  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Graphics&Product Line=Laptop+graphics+drivers&ProductProduct=2nd+Generation+Intel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A2+Proce ssors+with+Intel%C2%AE+HD+Graphics+3000%2f2000


                  and that you have deleted the BadDrivers.txt file found in the computer path

                  Local Disk C

                  Program Data


                  Premiere Elements


                  and in the 11.0 Folder is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete.


                  I believed that you have said that in prior thread, but I am just double checking.


                  In a prior thread, I asked if you were having this problem in the Edit Mode Monitor as well as in the Preview Window with has Set In and Set Out points. What was your answer to that question?


                  You say that your file is AVCHD with a .m2ts file extension. What happens if you rename just the file extension of that file and then import that into Premiere Elements 11 new project?


                  .m2ts to .m2t

                  .m2ts to .avi

                  .m2ts to .mov

                  .m2ts to .mpg


                  you say that your AVCHD.m2ts file is 1920 x 1080 16:9. Is this interlaced or progressive video? What is the frame rate? And, what are you or the program setting as the project preset? (Please refer to Edit Menu/Project Settings and the readings for Editing Mode, Timebase, and Frame Size.)






                  Add On...I did not see your latest post until after I had submitted this one. So, please disregard any questions in this post that you have already answered in your latest post. Thanks.

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                    Headingley1895 Level 1

                    Yep I've downloaded the latest driver, it says when I look at the Intel HD Graphics properties through device manager that its version rather than but on the download page for the driver is that version number in brackets on the page next to the so I'm assuming its still the right one, but either way I've downloaded it twice now!


                    Yep I've delted the BadDrivers.txt file, just done again to make sure.


                    When changing the file extensions:

                    .m2ts to .m2t - added but still same problem

                    .m2ts to .avi - wouldn't add came up with "Add Media Failure - this type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed"

                    .m2ts to .mov - same as .avi above

                    .m2ts to .mpg - same as .m2t - added media but still same white screen problem


                    The AVCHD files are interlaced, I'm assuming thats what the little "i" means, frame rate of 25fps.

                    The projects settings are set to match it, set on

                    Editing Mode - HD 1080i

                    Timebase - 25.00 frames/second

                    Frame Size - 1920 horizontal 1080 vertical


                    Thanks again for your time ATR

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Have we gone through the miscelleaneous such as


                      a. deleting the preferences...in your Windows 7 64 bit the path would be:

                      Local Disk C






                      Premiere Elements


                      and in the 11.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete.

                      Make sure that you are working with Folder Options Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives On.


                      b. try installing the free VLC Media Player.


                      c. do you have the Windows LIve Movie Maker...if so, can you import your video into it, convert it to a .wmv file, and then import that into Premiere Elements without getting the white display in Premiere Elements Edit Mode Monitor?


                      d. verifying that you are working from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?



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                        Headingley1895 Level 1

                        a - Deleted the prefs file


                        b - Installed VLC Media Player, and played various file types through it fine on VLC Media Player


                        c - Yep the files import and seem to be fine in Live Movie Maker, I can edit them, preview them, do what I like with them in Live Movie Maker.

                        Yep converted it to a .wmv but still get the white display in Premiere Elements monitor


                        d - Yep, my account is an Administrator account


                        It's a bit of a mystery to me to be honest! I could understand if Premiere Elements couldnt play or edit the files at all, but its as if it can't display the file while being played but, as I mentioned earlier, can when its stopped. With my limited knowledge it would seem a graphics issue between my comp and Premiere Elements maybe? But as I say my knowledge of these matters is very limited!


                        I have a previous version of Premiere Elements, version 3.0, still installed on my system? Would it be worth uninstalling that and seeing if it helps?

                        Or maybe uninstalling Premiere Elements 11 and re-installing it again?

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Do you have an installation disc for Premiere Elements 3.0 and the files to install afterward the 3.0.2 Update?


                          You spoke of downloading and installing Premiere Elements 11. Did you have the installation files for that? By the way, did you say if v11 is purchased or the try out version? If you have installation disc and/or files....


                          I would uninstall, Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.2 first and see what happens.


                          If that does not resolve the Premiere Elements 11 display issue, then I would do a complete and clean uninstall/reinstall of Premiere Elements 11 with the following guidelines...


                          a. Open a Premiere Elements 11 project, go to Help Menu/Deactivate and Deactivate. Close the project/program.


                          b. Uninstall Premiere Elements 11 using the typical Control Panel route.


                          c. Run ccleaner, regular and registry cleaning portions including yes to its backup registry inclusion.



                          d. Reinstall just Premiere Elements 11 and check out the display issue. Gone or still present?


                          Before you start all or any of the above, I would ask "Have I asked or you said if you are using more than one monitor? If more than one monitor, what happens if you run with just one, disconnecting the other." Also, if dual monitor, does your display card support dual monitors?


                          We will continue to watch for your progress.