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    Sound loads but refuses to play

      var my_sound:Sound = new Sound();
      my_sound.loadSound("music/" + mix, true);

      of course, it's alot more complicated, but this won't even work. It loads the file, I know because I can see the duration, but refuses to play it. I've tried start(), (this), and onLoad() to get it started up, but none work. Th silly thing is that it works perfectly on my laptop, but not on my desktop or more importantly, my web page. I thought there might be some security issues involved (a grey area for me) but then why would the file load at all? As you can see, the songs are just in a subfolder, so I can't see why there would be a problem.

      I even created a test.fla that was just a copy-paste job from the Sound class documentation, with no bells or whistles, and even that didn't work- again it would load all right, but not play. I would have just assumed some setting was amuk on my desktop, but it also doesnt work on my site. So I'm stuck sucking a gas pipe... anyone have some suggestions??