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    Staying logged in

    Aiedaill Level 1

      I have Behance through my Creative Cloud subscription, so I have to click the sign up with creative cloud button every time I visit the site.


      Is there any way to make it so that I can create an actual Behance login so I can stay logged in?


      I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but that extra steps really gets tiring when everything else keeps me logged in.

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          sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

          Hello - that step is just for signing up (once only), not for logging in. You have an account with the URL behance.net/JoshSturgessMeyers, so you can login to Behance with your email address and password you signed up with.

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            Aiedaill Level 1

            I didn't sign up for behance though. I first gained access with my creative cloud subscription and it didn't have me make any behance login details.


            And if try to use the login box and input my creative cloud info, it tells me the user name or password is incorrect (which i know it isnt)


            the only way I can get in is by using that sign up button.

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              sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

              Hi John - I thin you're mistaking the "signup for behance" button with the "login to behance" button. You can login by clicking "login" in the upper right hand corner - don't click the "Adobe ID" button since that will have you signing up for an addition account, not logging in to an existing one.


              Have you shared work from Creative Cloud to Behance before? If so, you did signup for Behance - it's built into the process of sharing work from Creative Cloud. And when I look up your email address, you do have a Behance account that you can view here: behance.net/JoshSturgessMeyers. Is that not you? Let us know if this is not correct!

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                Aiedaill Level 1

                I was loging in to the right place, but since you told me I did have behance credentials, I just navigated through my acct and did a password reset.


                Because using the sign up button always logged me in, it didnt make a new acct. SO idk where the issue was.