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    Pagemaker 7 won't open file with Russian file name?


      This computer was working fine before a hard drive crash.  After reinstalling Win XP Pro, recovering all documents from the backup drive, and reinstalling PM7, 7.01 and 7.01a, it won't open a file with a Russian file name.  If I change the file name to English, the file opens and Russian text in the file is intact.  I also cannot save a file with a Russian file name.


      Here is a screen shot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zlts9f17b7j31b0/3.pdf


      I have enabled Russian in the Regional and Language settings, and enabled Russian in Microsoft Office.

      I have set Russian as the default input language.


      As a test, I downloaded a trial of InDesign C6 to see if it would open the pmd files - it also couldn't open the files "missing plug-in" or something.


      Since this was working before the disk crash, there must be some setting somewhere that will resolve this.  I would greatly appreciate any help on this.  There are over 1,000 files like this, and it will be a real pain to have to rename them all in English.