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    Embeding Forms Central in to Muse




      I want to embed a form into Muse but I can't find the Distribute tab as advised in other comments. Can someone please advice,


      Thanks inadvance.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I think that you are probably using the FormsCentral desktop applicaiton included in Acrobat Professional AXI and you are working with a "local" form as opposed to an onine form.


          If you sign into FormsCentral with an existing AdobeID or create a new free account you can move the form online.

          Here is a screenshot of the desktop application with one online form and one local form, you can see the different icon for each on the left side, there is also a button in the toolbar with an arrow up over a cloud, that is the "move online" button.


          Once the form is online you will have all of the relevent options depening on your account level for distribution, reciepts and notifications, attachments, and more.


          Local and online.png




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            why do creative cloud subscribers have to continually pay more for simple things that have been technologically possible since HTML 1.0 like attaching files to forms?


            there is not ONE commonly used hosting service that I can think of that does not already innately support php, forms, and ecommerce ... not to mention that these providers already also give us bandwidth and server side support with which to administer these kinds of applications and services.


            adobe used to be a design suite.


            let us design, and stop crippling our work flow with microtransactions like some childrens game site.


            it is not as though


            <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="mailto:someaddress"  ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">

            Attachment: <INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="attachedfile" MAXLENGTH=50 ALLOW="text/*" >



            is difficult to type in to a web page, yet you need us to pay you a monthly fee do to so?


            Frankly, since signing up to creative cloud and trying to use your services, I have been road blocked at almost every turn by more fees to pay and more services that are not included in my already paid for subscription.


            Muse is just as bad. The parasitic dependence upon Business Catalyst turns what could be a very effective WYSIWYG into a Pay per Use program.


            Get your hands out of our pockets and let us be designers, we already paid you for the software.


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