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    Indesign image display is very slow and jerky


      good morning

      I contacted Adobe Customer Service in Italy because I have big problems with the Creative Suite CS 5.5, in particular with Indesign and in general with the display of images of AI and Acrobat.
      As I work with Indesign image display is very slow and jerky. Even with AI and Acrobat work experience is not good, the images are jerky and there are hesitations in the fluidity of view.
      The software is installed on windows 7 64bit Utlimate, the workstation is very powerful: Supermicro motherboard, dual Xeon E5620 2.4ghz, 16gb ram, SSD OCZ vertex4, PNY Nvidia Quadro 4000.
      The customer service has sent me several tips for email, I have followed all the instructions but I did not get results. In conclusion, when I pointed out that reading on the forums I was not the only one who showed this problem and after discussing about my hardware configuration, they told me that the problem is probably due to the fact that I have two Xeon processors!
      In efects had observed that CS 5.5 on my notebook works better, but I never thought about having problems because the PC is powerful. I checked the CPU and GPU when using Indesign and I could see that uses a single CPU, and most "only 1 core"! But of CPUs in the system there are two for a total of 8 cores. Indesign seems to use only 1/8 of the available computing power ... In addition, practically does not use the GPU (only 10-15%).
      From the customer service was suggested to disable or remove a processor from the system. All this seems to me incredible. I use the workstation for applications that can take advantage of the power of the machine, should I remove the processor whenever I have to use CS 5.5? If things are this way I'm thinking of asking if Adobe buy me a PC with a single processor only for use with CS 5.5 ...

      Thank you.