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    PDFs Requiring Password to Open When That Option is NOT Configured

    Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional



      Problem: PDFs that were created WITHOUT a password required to open are asking for passwords before they will open.


      Expected Result: PDFs should open without asking for an open password unless they were configured to require a password to open.


      Analysis: PDFs were created via export from InDesign CS6 to PDF Version 1.7 (Adobre PDF Library 10.0.1). Document restrictions were defined as, Allowed: Printing, Content Copying for Accessibility, Commenting, Filling in Form Fields, Signing, Creation of Template Pages; other abilities Not Allowed. Restrictions use password security. Require a password to open is NOT set active.


      Once posted online, several users report that the PDFs are requiring a password to open.


      I can't duplicate that behavior--meaning that I'm never prompted for an open password--in Acrobat X or XI on Windows 7x64 or Mac OS 10.8x or in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari on those systems.


      The PDFs in question are linked from this page: http://iampariah.com/blog/creative-pro/cs6-keyboard-shortcut-cheatsheets.php