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    RH9 + IE10 does not display fonts correctly

    JGaf Level 1



      When I view the published documentation in IE10 & Firefox 16.0.1

      • Bolded font displays "exaggerated" (thick and wide) and not as intended. This style was applied using the B button on the RH toolbar. Resulting code is <span style="font-weight:bold;"></span>
      • Font which is bolded as a result of an assigned style, displays correctly.


      Font family in CSS is Arial.


      This does not happen when viewing the same documentation in IE using Compability View (to view as if IE9). In fact, this issue only occurred in IE since moving to IE10. Not sure about previous versions of Firefox.


      I have applied the patch provided by William to RH9 for viewing on IE10.


      I have also verified that font options are unchecked in IE's Internet Options > Accessibility window.


      At the moment, I can't confirm this occurs when viewing on another machine.


      Any suggestions?




      RH, Webhelp

      Windows 7