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    black and white profiles LR4 to CS6


      Yesterday when I opened a black and white image from LR4 to Photoshop CS6 they opened as RGB-sRGB, today after doing an update to both photoshop and camera raw 8.1 they now open up with an embedded profile mismatch of gray gamma with the option to change the working profile to dot gain 20%. I don't recall seeing these options before, looking in edit-colour settings I don't have any options to change to RGB.


      I can of course change the settings to RGB in image-mode and also in edit-convert to profile but this would be a real pain to do this everytime I want to work with b/w.

      Hope this all makes sense, I'm not an expert with all this colour profile stuff but have to submit all my files to camera club competitons in sRGB...


      help needed please...


      Thanks Stuart