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    Edge .oam file not displaying properly in DPS.

    DMD-Ryan Level 1

      Here is the scenario.  I have an animation that I created for a DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) article but it does not display properly and I can not figure out why.  It dispalys either too large and extends past it's bounding box or it dispalys too small.


      The DPS article is set up for a retina display 2048 x 1536.  The animation was created at 400px by 100px and saved out as a .oam file to be placed into Indesign for use in a DPS app.


      The problem is that when placed into Indesign the placed animation does not display properly.  If you change nothing in Indesign in the "Folio Overlays" panel under "Web Content" the animation will play way too large and extend past the bounding box (Image #2).  If you check scale to fit in Indesign it dispalys too small.


      My question here is does anyone know if I am missing a step in Adobe Edge that could cause this or if you know why it would do this in Indesing that would be great as well.


      I don't see any settings for resolution in Edge and normally pixels are pixels and resolution does not matter but it does when the PPI is greater like on the iPad.

      Animations do work it's just the sizing.


      The first image shows how it should look at the end of the animation. "(the classic) is the animation portion."

      The second image shows how it displays when placed changing no settings in Indesign.

      The third image below shows how it displays when placed in Indesign with the "Scale Content To Fit" box  checked in the "Folio Overlays" panel under "Web Content", too small!


      Any help or sugestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Sincerely, Ryan.



      1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg