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    free transform the image


      Hi Forum!,


      Im new to scripting. Thanks to forum for sharing the knowledge to entire world..


      I have a small request to do with the scripting.


      I have grouped all the pageItems.... as G.

      and then selected the Group (G),


      i have choosen the free transform tool using the command;

      app.menuActions.itemByID(45569).invoke(); //to choose free transform tool.


      all that i need to do is.. to enlarge the height of group (G) proportionally between top margin and bottom margin.

      (which we do it manually by selecting the grouped item holding Shift+Alt key, and dragging untill we reach the desire size).



      g = app.activeDocument.allPageItems;

      gr = app.activeDocument.groups.add(g);


      //then i need to increase the height of the group g between top margin and bottom margin.


      Can anybody help on this free transformation of the selected group.