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    Resize stage height as element height changes


      I'm trying to make a responsive stage that has the stage height adjust as the background picture proportionally changes.  The image scales correctly as the browser window shifts, but then leaves a lot of empty stage space below the image.  The other elements need to line up on the picture so they are left stretched out.  If the height of the stage matched the height of the picture at all times it would look perfect. 


      I don't think I can have the stage height be any percentage or fixed width.  I've tried quite a few setups and all the reponsive stage videos I've seen keep a fixed height.  Maybe I'm missing a simple solution, I haven't spent a bunch of time with Animate yet. It seems like there would be a semi-painless way to set the stage height equal to an elements height with js?


      Anyone dealt with a similar circumstance or have any suggestions?