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    Quadro K2000 vs Geforce GTX 680 for AE CS6




      I want to buy one of these two cards for using with After Effects CS6. The price point of these two are about the same, although the GTX is a bit cheaper. The specs of the GTX 680 on the other hand are much more appealing then the Quadro K2000.


      Especially for the Ray-Traced Renderer the 1536 CUDA Cores vs 384 CUDA Cores seems much better.


      The only donwside I could find is, that the GTX uses about 4 times the power of the Quadro and is going to be louder. Also the driver for the Quadro is working more stable than the Geforce driver.


      Am I missing anything here or would be the GTX be the better choice?


      Kind regards