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    CFHTTP and wildcard SSL

    Steve Sommers Level 4

      I'm using CF9. Has anyone been successful with CFHTTP when the target URL is using a wildcard SSL certificate? I've imported the cert and full cert path into the certificate store. I don't have any problems with non-wildcard certs, only wildcard certs. Thus far I've only found one reference to this topic and it simply stated "I have never been successful using wildcard certificates on CF8 and below." Yet there is no reference as to if or how to be successful with CF9 or above.

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          Jamo Level 2

          What's the actual error you are getting?  I encountered something with ColdFusion 9 and thought it was a wildcard cert, but it turns out it was due to a SSL Certificate with Subject Alternative Names (SAN) and was getting javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Name in certificate 'gateway.testserver.com' does not match host name 'api.gateway.testserver.com'."  The service I was trying to connect to performed many internal tests and determined it was not on their end.  I reported it to Adobe here:


          Also, are you able to post the secure domain's URL?  I'd be curious if it worked using CF8 w/Java 1.7.0_15.


          Facebook appears to be using a wildcard SSL certificate.  Try connecting to their server:

               <cfhttp url="https://www.facebook.com/" method="GET"></CFHTTP>

               <CFDUMP VAR="#CFHTTP#">

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            Steve Sommers Level 4

            The issue ended up being a certificate import issue and not a wildcard issue. I imported the certificat into the wrong cacerts location. Our server was configured to use the Oracle JVM instead of the one that came with CF. Once I imported the certificates into the correct location everything worked.