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    Intermittant wierdness in kiosk interface

      I made a kiosk for our sports museum. It runs across 2 screens and is fed data from an XML file generated by FileMaker Pro. Everything works perfectly on my Mac. Problem is that although it works fine on the Windows machine that runs it for the kiosk in the museum (standalone .exe file), after a while it starts acting crazy. Not sure if this only happens after the computer goes to sleep and the screensaver comes on or if it happens sooner than that. I haven't been able to spend enough time with it to know for sure. I just can't figure out how it can act so strangely. One of the things it does is that it will suddenly scroll to the bottom of a window that holds all the names and won't let you scroll back up. Other times it gets the names and links screwed up. I've tested this like crazy and can't get the same results on my computer. It's running on a brand new Dell that's well equipped to handle such a file (or at least we thought). Here is a link to a web version so you can see how it works:
      Sports Museum Kiosk (click on Print, then scroll to the B's to see some names that scroll)
      Just remember that this stretches across 1600 pixels wide over 2 large monitors, so it looks a lot better in the kiosk. :-)
      Is there a good way to narrow down what is causing this behavior?

      I've included the code for one of the alphabet letters. The first line was a failed attempt to prevent the scrolling from occurring by clearing the interval as soon as it got to that frame, because as soon as you moved to the B's, for example, it would scroll to the bottom without even hitting the scroll down arrow.