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    Flash CD

      Can anyone help, I’m crating a Mac cd rom with a flash interface and want to open folders on the cd by clicking a button on the interface.

      I read the this can be done using a bit of applescript but I’m having trouble executing the applescript from flash, I have save the applescipt as an app and when I run it I independently it works fine but when I try to run it using FScommand from flash no joy???

      This is the action I’m using on my button:

      on (release) {
      fscommand("exec", "test.app");

      I have also created a folder in the root of my cd called 'fscommand' and put my script app in there but still it wont work?

      Can anyone help me please?


      Btw I’m using FlashCS3, don’t know if this makes any difference
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          that only works with windows, I have seen loads of posts on multiple forums with mac users trying to implement that.

          you could use AIR but it won't run straight from the cd I dont think, you'd need to install the Air App.
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            If you got the answer, please tell me also... I'm sick with this.. I've tried to search it on every flash forum, but nobody could answer it..